8 Steps To Using Promade Lashes - Look "Flirty and Fresh"

July 05, 2022 4 min read

When you’re working with a client and she tells you she wants to look flirty and fresh, your mind goes into overdrive as to how you can help her achieve that look. You think of all the usual things like maybe some baby-blue eye shadow or purple lipstick, but then it hits you...a new set of lashes! A perfectly timed moment that leaves you feeling blessed because now you have the perfect opportunity to show off your extensive knowledge on the ways of Promade Lashes. Well, hopefully not extensive - just enough for this one job! Now read on for our top 10 tips on how to use them in your next beauty consultation...

 Step 1: Measure The Lashes

Before you do anything else, it’s important to make sure that you measure the client’s lashes to make sure the lashes you’re using are the perfect fit for them. That is, if you’re not just randomly grabbing a set and hoping for the best. There are a few ways you can go about this. You can use the handy chart on the back of your Promade box that tells you the length of their lashes (this is the easiest method if you’re using the standard length set). Or, if the client has long lashes, or you just want to make sure they look extra flirty, you can measure them and then add a bit to make them even longer.

 Step 2: Apply Lash Glue

Now that you’ve measured the client’s natural lashes and found out which set of Promade Lashes will best suit them, it’s time to get them glued down. Make sure you’re only using the glue provided by Promade - it’s the only one that works with their lashes. And make sure the glue is still in its original packaging because if it’s been open for a while, the glue won’t be as strong and might not work with the lashes. You can use the glue either on a palette or on the client’s lashes themselves. If you use the palette, make sure you don’t squeeze out too much glue because you don’t want to risk it going on too thick or creating any bubbles on the lashes. If you use the client’s lashes, put the glue on a toothbrush and brush it on the lashes with a light hand (make sure you don’t use the client’s toothbrush after!). Once the lashes are covered in glue, wait about 30 seconds so the glue can become tacky and then put them on the client.

 Step 3: Shake, Shake, Shake!

Most of us have probably done this when we were kids - but have you ever shook a pair of lashes before applying them? It isn’t just for fun - it has a purpose! When you shake the lashes, they break down any clumps that might have formed in the glue so they go on more evenly and give the client a more natural look. It’s like you’re giving them a bit of a manicure! You want to shake both the top and the bottom lashes before putting them on the client so the glue is equally distributed.

 Step 4: Hold The Lash By Its Base

If you’re putting the lashes on the palette, this step is a bit easier since you’re probably holding the whole palette in your hand when you apply them to the client. But if you’re holding the lashes in your hand while you’re applying them to the client, you need to make sure you’re holding them by the base of the lash so you don’t accidentally pull out their own lashes. If you hold them by the top of the lash, you run the risk of pulling out the client’s natural lashes with the glue.

 Step 5: Using A Lash Comb

If you’re applying the lashes by hand, you might want to use a lash comb to make sure they go on evenly and look as flirty as possible. Make sure you’re only combing the lashes once they’re glued down though, otherwise you might end up damaging them and ruining the look you were going for.

 Step 6: Lay Down Your Top Lash First

When you put the lashes on the client, start with the top ones. Aim to put on 2 or 3 top lashes, as they’re usually the ones that really draw attention to the eyes. After you’ve put the top ones on, you can then put on the bottom lashes.

 Step 7: Add More Glue & Then Press Down The Bottom Lash

If you need to apply more glue to the lashes, make sure to do it on a palette or a piece of paper so you don’t get glue on the client’s skin. Once the glue is applied, carefully press down the bottom lash onto the client’s lash line and hold it there for a few seconds to make sure it sticks.

 Step 8: Trim Off Any Excess With Scissors

If you’ve put the lashes on the client and they’re looking great, but the ends are just a bit too long and are sticking out too much, you can easily trim them with a pair of scissors (make sure you use a pair that isn’t sharp). Just put the scissors right where the lash ends and the client’s lash line meet and trim off the excess. You can also use a pair of nail clippers if you don’t have scissors on hand.


Now that you’ve put the lashes on the client, you can sit back and let them admire the final product in the mirror. You can then walk away feeling like you’ve put your best foot forward and truly shown them what you’re capable of. And if they ask you how they look, you can respond with a proud “flirty and fresh”.

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