All About Pre-made And Pro-made Fans In Eyelash Extensions

July 28, 2022 3 min read

What are Pre-made and Pro-made fans? Are both the same? What makes them different? In this blog, let me answer your questions and give you all the information about these lash fans.


1. What are Pre-made and Pro-made Fans?

There are so many types of eyelash extensions available today, each with its own set of advantages. From the most exquisite materials to the most sophisticated processes. The Pre-made and Pro-made fans are the newest eyelash extensions and are fully constituted volume fans that are ready to use on real lashes. This enables both novice and skilled stylists to work effectively with Pre-made and Pro-made fans.

Furthermore, instead of attaching fake lashes one by one, lash artists may now save time while creating a thicker and more beautiful lash line with Pre-made and Pro-made fans. Many steps such as fanning, waitting for the glue to dry, vv... are all removed, lash artists only need to do one step to stick them on the customer's eyelashes.

So what is the definition of Pro-made and Pre-made fans?

Pre-made fans are machine-made and then attached at the base with a little quantity of glue. Similar to individual lash extensions, the completed result comes inside a tray, on a sticky strip. The Premade fans are available in 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 8D in C, CC, and D curl.

Pro-made fans are created without the use of machinery, technicians choose a cluster of false lashes with specialized tweezers, fan them by hand, and dip their roots into glue to cement their forms.


2. What is the difference between Pre-made fans and Pro-made fans?

How the fans link together is the difference between Pre-made and Pro-made fans. Pre-made fans are machined- made and bonded together with glue. This gives them a thicker base. Pro-made fans are hand-crafted fans and heat bonded together and have a thin pointed base. The slight variation between these two fans occasionally causes confusion.

Pre-made fans are often narrower, whereas Pro-made fans are slightly broader. This is due in part to the form of the bases.


3. Advantages and disadvantages of Pre-made and Pro-made Fans?

  • Pre-made fans: Pre-made fans have a thin base that makes lashes lighter, excellent Pre-made fans may give not only an extraordinarily attractive but also an extremely lightweight lash line, giving clients the impression that the false lashes are not leaving their eyes. However, due to the manner they are created, the form and curl of pre-made fans are not as natural as those of pro-made fans.
  • Pro-made fans: Pro-made fans are hand-glued, so they appear to have better curvature, spread, and appear more natural than pre-made fans. Many clients want a lash line that looks natural and matches their eyes, thus Pro-made fans become their preference. But the intricate production process of Pro-made fans necessitates a significant amount of time and skilled technicians, so the cost will be higher than that of Pre-made fans.
  • Pre-made fans and Pro-made fans – Which one is better?

There is no answer to this question because their benefits depend on your customers’ requirements.


4. Final Thoughts

Above is everything you need to know about Pro-made and Pre-made fans. Which type of lashes to choose will depend on your client's goals and budget.

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