C and D curl lashes: When to choose it

July 14, 2022 4 min read

As a lash artist, understanding the various kinds of curls is important for you to know. Here is all the information you require on eyelash C curl and D curl.


1. C Curl Eyelash Extensions

  • Basic specifications: About 60-degree curl
  • Based on clients' natural lashes: Straight-up lashes- Short lashes
  • Based on clients' eye shapes: Monolid eyes, slightly drooping or narrow eyes, almond eyes, round eyes

C curl lashes are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will create an open-eye effect. This curl is ideal for those undecided about the type of look they want since it is the perfect in-between, neither too natural nor too dramatic. The C curl will provide a pleasant lash lift for clients with slightly downward inclined lashes. It creates a great doll eye look when applied on clients with lashes near to horizontal.


2. D Curl Eyelash Extensions

  • Basic specifications: About 70-degree curl
  • Based on clients' natural lashes: Straight-up lashes- Drooping lashes - The lashes are long enough, the curl is moderate but the density is uneven
  • Based on clients' eye shapes: Deep eyes, hooded eyes, monolid eyes, far set of eyes

D curl lashes are nearly equivalent to C curl lashes, just curlier. They are particularly effective for clients with downward-angled lashes who desire a show-stopping look. These lashes will brighten and widen the eye and give a noticeable curled effect. While when used on clients with horizontal angled natural lashes, it offers a stunning lovely doll eye effect.

 c curl and d curl eyelash extensions

3. Eyelash extensions styles of C and D curls

  • Classic: Classic was born for clients who love simplicity, lightness and subtlety. So between C and D curl lashes, C curl dominates.
  • Volume: D curl is a perfect choice for an impressive lash style that uses thickness and curvature to create a big change for natural lashes.
  • Cat eyes: Although D curl is preferred, C curl also contributes to the cat's eye effect. You could think about applying both D curl and C curl lashes to balance the eyes, depending on the shape and state of the client's natural eyelashes.
  • Baby doll eyes: As you know, this type of eyelash extension needs to keep the naturalness and innocent look like a doll, so C curl is also a smart choice, particularly for lashes that already got a slight curvature.


4. Is it possible to blend eyelash C and D curls?

Combining C curl and D curl eyelash extensions can indeed create unique, stylish looks. When C and D curl lashes are combined, the end result is a natural look that also makes the eyes appear wider when the lashes are raised in the proper locations.

To mix up C and D curls like an expert, follow these steps:

- Use the C curls to frame the eye shape and produce a natural effect by placing them in the outer and inner corners of the eye.

- Place the D curl lash set in the center of the C curl lash set to give the eyelashes a modest lift.


Finding the distinction between C and D curl lashes will gear a piece of better knowledge for your professionalism.Hope the above blog post will help you!

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