Doll-Eye Hybrid Lashes

June 28, 2023 3 min read

Doll eyes hybrid lashes

The kind of eyelash extensions that give the appearance of having large, rounded doll eyes with curled eyelashes that draw in onlookers in droves. This type of extension is still a beauty trend of young ladies. 

1. What Are Doll-eye Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

A lash shapes called "doll eyes" imitates the charming doll makeup look for the eyes. The lash stylist does that by adding the longest lash extensions around the middle of the eye and shorter fibers around the outer and inner corners. This eyelash extension is ideal for clients with sparse lashes for a cute, youthful look without adding weight to the eyes.

Now, this kind is mixed with hybrid lashes, still known as "doll eye" hybrid eyelashes by specialists, to provide a style that is open and round, adorably adorable, as well as contemporary and young-looking.

doll eyes

2. The captivating allure of Doll Eye Volume Eyelash Extensions

Doll Eye Volume Lashes have become a go-to choice for those seeking a striking and glamorous appearance. This versatile lash style can complement various eye shapes, delivering a captivating "doll eye" effect.

When applying Doll Eye Volume extensions, it's crucial to assess the client's natural lashes and select the appropriate curl, typically opting for a CC curl for a balanced and stunning outcome. The result is an open-eyed look with the illusion of bigger, rounder eyes. With the customizable length options, these extensions provide a natural yet enhanced look, eliminating the need for additional makeup to showcase your client's beauty.

doll eyes 2

 3. Who Should Get Doll-eye Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Because doll-eye hybrid lashes are often not fussy about eye shapes, you may confidently recommend this look at the right clients.

Clients with monolids or drooping eyelids will benefit greatly from the doll eye hybrid lashes. This kind of eyelash extension will hide imperfections, enhance eyelashes, and give your clients' eyes a fuller, rounder, more natural appearance, making them appear younger.

Almond-shaped eyes and eyes with dark eyelids: These eye shapes are also well-suited for doll eye extensions. They enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, creating a captivating and alluring effect.

doll eyes 3

However, for individuals with big, round eyes, careful consideration is advised. The application of doll eye hybrid lashes may disrupt the balance and aesthetic appeal of the eyes. It's important to assess the client's specific features and preferences before proceeding.

By understanding the compatibility of different eye shapes with doll eye hybrid lashes, you can provide personalized recommendations and deliver stunning results that accentuate your clients' unique beauty.

 4. A basic guide to Doll-eye Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

doll eye4

The length that is often applied to the middle of the eye is between 12 and 14 mm, and it progressively gets shorter as it moves from the outside to the inside corner. The base layer is the classic part, while the volume part uses 3D to 5D fans, depending on the strength of the natural eyelashes.

Thin doll-eye hybrid eyelash extensions often cover in the spaces left by thin natural eyelashes, boosting density while keeping a natural appearance.  One individual lash will apply Classic lashes and fans applied in a 70:30 ratio. The average length for this eyelash extension will be 8-14 mm. For classic eyelashes, a thickness of 0.12 to 0.15 mm is advised, while for volume lashes, a thickness of 0.05-0.10 mm.

In the other hand, thick hybrid doll eyelash extensions give the eyes a gorgeous appearance. So to greatly thicken the eyelashes, the volume eyelash extension is used, applying 3-4 lashes to each natural eye. The typical curl will be C, CC and D.

Regarding the material, there are three options for you:

+ Mink lashesare light and soft, and they look the most like natural lashes. They provide lashes structure and depth.

+ Silk lashes have a natural gloss that adds depth and sparkle to the lashes.

+ Cashmere lashes are a fantastic choice for doll eyes since they are 60% lighter than mink lashes and have exceptional curl retention.

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