How Long Does It Take to Apply Hybrid Mink Eyelash Extensions?

August 08, 2022 3 min read

Many eyelash materials are currently suggested for hybrid eyelash extensions on the market. Professional lash artists, on the other hand, recommend using thin and light extensions made of durable material in the darkest color. Most famous eyelash extensions stores use faux mink eyelashes to apply for their clients.

1. What are hybrid synthetic mink eyelash extensions?

The hybrid mink eyelash extension process hasn't changed much. More specifically you can review our previous Blog:

To perform this Hybrid eyelash extension, we should use mink eyelash material. These are popular lash materials because they are compatible with natural lashes, are long-lasting, medium weight, have a smooth texture and color closest to natural lashes.

When using synthetic mink lashes, lash artists can be confident without worrying about the weight of their lashes. In addition, using synthetic mink eyelashes is also more cost-effective than other materials.

The usage of hybrid mink lash extensions also allows lash artists to express themselves more freely, especially when it comes to volume eyelash extensions.


2. How Does Mink Vary from Other Materials?

The main distinctions between mink and other marterials are durability, color, and weight.

  • Faux Mink eyelashes:

- Faux mink eyelash is man-made fibers that are supposed to seem like real mink fur. These lashes come in a variety of lengths and curls and are incredibly lightweight to apply for a variety of looks. Aside from being of high quality and longevity, it is also eye-friendly with natural lashes and less expensive than genuine mink lashes. By the way option for Faux Mink lashes and support “Zero animal cruelty”.

- The most major drawback of these eyelashes is that they might be darker in color than real mink lashes, so choose reliable manufacturers.

  • Silk lashes:

These are mid-weight lash extensions that are finer and more flexible than synthetic mink lash extensions. They tend to last somewhat longer than synthetics. As a result, this material is better suited to clientele who like more natural-looking lashes. Furthermore, silk eyelashes are thicker and darker than other materials.

  • PBT Lashes:

- PBT fibers are plastic. Mink and silk both have synthetic (or “faux”) counterparts, these are all produced from the same exact material, PBT. PBT lashes are popular because they are lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable, and excellent at holding curls. The variety of styles and finishes also entices many artists to choose PBT as their fiber of choice.

- However, this material still cannot be as soft as mink fur or silk.


3. How Long Does It Take to Apply Hybrid Mink Eyelash Extensions?

As you know, hybrid eyelash extensions always require a skilled technician. For professionals, completing a set of hybrid mink lashes will take about 2 hours, but this time can be up to 3 hours for beginners.

You can also use premade/promade fans to save time. Another tip is to use seasonal adhesives since they dry rapidly and have strong stickiness. Also, ask your clients how they feel so that if an issue arises, you can fit it immediately.

Ultimately, proper planning and attention can save you time and score with your clients.


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