How to Apply Hybrid Lash Extensions on Hooded Eyes

August 03, 2022 3 min read

Everyone has a unique shaped face and eyes. Different eye shapes are important in determining an individual's style. The different eye shapes include the almond, wide-set, round, small, down-slanting, and hooded eyes. This blog will focus on how to apply Hybird lash extensions for hooded eyes.

1. What Are Hooded Eyes?

These eyes fold over the outer corner of the eyes, making the upper eyelids appear smaller and the lower eyelids appear tucked beneath the base of the eye. Therefore you may apply hybrid lashes on hooded eyes to help balance the look, eliminate the sense that the eyes are dropping, increase the open-eyed look, and achieve other effects that only hybrid lashes can do.

Avoid strong curls like CC and D curls and use L, L+ or M curls will have a straight base combined with a beautiful curl throughout the middle and tip of the extension. The straight base will enable the extension to sit flush against the natural lash, which is able to give a stronger bond and increase your client’s comfort.


2. What are hybrid lashes?

Hybird eyelashes is a style that combination of two techniques Volume and Classic. Classic eyelashes, which consist of an eyelash extension placed to 1 of your natural lashes, are used in some spots to lengthen the lashes. Volume lashes are small fans of 2-6 attached lashes that are applied to one of your natural lashes, these are used to add more density and fullness.

The great thing about these combination lashes is that you can customize the look to precisely what your customer wants. If your customer requests a natural lash set, you should use a higher percentage of classic lash extensions, however if your client requests a dense or dramatic lash set, you should use Volume Lashes more frequently.


3. How to Apply Hybrid Lash Extensions on Hooded Eyes

- First, as always, inspect the client's natural eyelashes to verify they are clean and properly prepare the lashes.

- Drawing the correct mapping is essential, especially if you are a new lash tech.

- Curls D, DD, or L are often employed for this style of eyelash extension, but be flexible depending on the scenario. We also frequently recommend that using the classic as a base for the lashes and then applying the volume to add accents and fill in the gaps.

- After applying eyelash extensions, instruct the customer on how to care for them and schedule a follow-up visit in a few weeks to have them refilled.


- You should pay attention to the thickness and curvature of your lashes.

- Choose eyelashes with light materials and a smooth texture, similar to natural eyelashes, and that fit the needs of the customer, such as fake mink or synthetic eyelashes.


Hopefully this blog will help you be more confident when performingHybrid Lash Extensions on Hooded Eyes.

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