How to make every client' lash styles unique

October 13, 2021 3 min read

We all know that every client is different from the next. That is why, prior to any lashing treatment, custom is so vital. To choose which lash extension types and lash curl to use, we must first determine the client's eye shape and natural lashes. On make things easier for you, here's a step-by-step guide to customizing and providing the best lash set for your clients.

The fundamentals of customizing

1/ Determine their facial features.

Before you plan out eyelash extensions, you should first learn about their face shape, since it has a significant impact on how the extensions will seem. You can choose lash styles that disguise the flaws while highlighting the beautiful patterns based on the forms.

Wide, side-swept lash maps are appropriate for clients with long or narrow faces. With upward lashes, those with short, round faces will look better. The extensions for a round face should be angular, whereas a square face will require a more rounded pattern.

2/ Check their natural eyelashes and eye color.

This phase will assist you in determining the best sort of custom eyelash extensions for them. When you have a good understanding of their natural lashes, you may choose which curl to put on them.

B curls, for example, are ideal for individuals who desire a more natural look, but a C curl is more glamorous. C curls add length, volume, and curl, while CC and D curls have a dramatic appearance. To learn more about each form of curl, read our full guide on eyelash extensions curls.

The eye lid and angle are also important in the process. Clients with monolid will need natural curl extensions to help lift the lash line. On the other hand, hood-eyed clients will be suitable with high curl extensions to have their eyes open up.

The bottom line is to make the final style look balanced and flatter your clients’ beauty. 

3/ Pick a lash type

There are two varieties of synthetic lashes to choose from: synthetic mink and synthetic silk.

Synthetic silk extensions, like a swipe of mascara, will give you a dramatic look with a semi-matte satin finish. Synthetic mink lashes, on the other hand, have a light, feathery, and matte appearance.

You can get lash extensions from KAMI LASHY in a variety of styles. For each occasion, we have a high-quality super mink lash line and prosilk promade fans.

4/ Make a lash map

You can begin the lash map that best suits your client's face and eye shape once you've determined their face and eye shape. There are several methods for lash mapping, but the two most prevalent are the open eye map and the feline map. So, what's the difference between the two?

The open eye map is a technique that involves placing the longest extensions in the center of the client's pupil. The rest will get shorter as they get closer to the outer and inner edges of their natural lash line.

Take a line from the outside of the client's nose, through their iris, and to the arch in the brow, and place the longest eyelash extension there in the feline lash map. You can make other types of maps using this technique, such as a Squirrel lash map, a Cat lash map, or a Kitten lash map. They'll all have distinct appearances.

How to create unique lash styles for various eye shapes

There are so many different eye shapes that determining which lash styles to employ for each one is difficult, especially for rookie lash technicians. We'll go over some typical eye shapes and how lash artists can create custom lash styles for their clients in this section.

Eyes in the Shape of an Almond
This is the most straightforward eye shape to work with. The majority of eyelash extensions can be worn by women with almond-shaped eyes.

Eyes that are positioned close together
Women with close-set eyes should use lash types like cat eye eyelash extensions to draw attention to the corners of their eyes.

Eyes with a wide set
With the exception of cat designs, most types of eyelash extensions can be worn by people with wide-set eyes.

Turned Down Eyes
Glam eyelash designs will appear finest on girls with downturned eyes.

Eyes with a deep set
You'll want to add additional lengths to bring the eye out if you have deep-set eyes.

Eyes that protrude
Shorter extensions will help women with projecting eyes look more balanced.

Hopefully, this tutorial will assist you in creating personalized lash extensions and determining the best lash map for each of your clients. You'll save a lot of time before your next lashing appointment if you follow these steps.

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