How to Use Colored Lash Extensions to Enhance Your Look

July 21, 2022 3 min read

Coloured lashes are BEAUTIFUL and ENHANCE their natural eye color or give them a fun and dramatic look.  Why not suggest to your clientele that they go for a more vibrant lash appearance throughout the holiday season?


1. Benefits of Colored Lashes

In order to create distinctive styles, colored lashes can be combined with black lashes or a range of colors. Here are some special advantages of colored lashes that you should mention to your clients while you're discussing lash extension possibilities. 

-          COLORED LASHES ENHANCE NATURAL EYECOLOR:Colored lashes work well for customers who desire the length and volume of eyelash extensions but also want to make their eye color pop even more. Individual lashes can be given a modest color integration to work wonders.

-          MATCH AN OUTFIT: The quickest way to elevate a look is with colored eyelashes. The benefits of colored lashes in making an extra-special fashion statement are unmatched, whether it's for a special event or a costume party.

-          BLINK EFFECT: Applying black extensions to the bottom and middle layers of the lash line produces the blink effect. When the eyes are open, the client may have a gorgeous, dark lash line, and when they close or blink, they can enjoy a vibrant, full explosion of color. 

2. How to Make Your Eyes Pop with Colored Lashes

2.1) Green Eyes:

For clients with blue eyes, purple eyelash extensions are also an excellent choice, purple provides some contrast to really make those eyes shine as it is almost directly opposite green on the color wheel. Choose a similar shade of green if you want to use colored extensions to really highlight your green eyes. To emphasize the warmth, choose greens with overtones of gold, bronze, and copper.

2.2) Blue Eyes:

The best color to highlight beautiful blue eyes is usually brown, yellow will brighten dark blue eyes while purple will give them depth.

2.3) Brown Eyes:

The most typical eye color in the globe may be brown. Whatever color you pick for your lash extensions, they will highlight your eyes. Because brown is a warm-toned color, so cool-toned green, blue, and ashy gray tones will complement you the best. 

3. Tips for Colored Eyelash Extension Application

  • Use clear glue: If you don't want to use black glue to cover brightly colored extensions, use clear glue to glue colored extensions.
  • Play with Layers: To create different effects, place color lashes on separate layers. Colored lashes should be applied in distinct layers for various results. When you apply colored lash extensions to the top layer, your client will receive a subtle touch of color when you apply colored lash extensions to the top layer, which will be visible when she blinks or shuts her eyes.
  • Mix the colors: You may go all out for the ideal holiday by simply wearing color lash extensions, or you can mix black and color lashes for a more understated, daily style.
  • Create extra eyeliner effect: Use a black glue to create a more defined eyeliner effect, especially when used with dark colored lashes, for example dark blue or brown


4. Final Thoughts

Colored eyelash extensions are one of the biggest trends in beauty right now. By include them in your service offerings, you can satisfy your customers' demands, expand your business and draw in additional customers.

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