Is Eyelash Extensions Harmful Or Not Harmful To The Eyes ?

March 24, 2023 2 min read

A few points about eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a beauty method originating from the land of Kim Chi, loved by many women because of the benefits it brings. Eyelash extensions help those who have few, short and sparse lashes to overcome defects, thereby having sparkling eyes, more attractive than ever.

 To perform eyelash extensions, experts use tweezers to fold and glue each false eyelash on the eyelid with specialized glue. By aligning the length of each eyelash, to help the eyelashes look as natural and beautiful as possible. Therefore, the method of eyelash extensions requires meticulousness and the skill level of the performer must be very professional with good technique.

Besides, this method is performed right on the eye, this is a sensitive location, so the tools used need to be carefully disinfected. Even glue or other professional items need to ensure the origin, origin and quality, etc., which is absolutely necessary. This shows that the address where eyelash extensions are performed is also a very important factor in deciding if eyelash extensions are harmful.

Is eyelash extensions harmful?

According to estheticians, eyelash extensions will ensure high safety and no harm if performed by a team of well-trained technicians, aseptic eyelash extensions process and the use of formaldehyde-free glue. .


At the same time, eyelash extensions will not be harmful to health if the frequency is as low as possible. Because, regular eyelash extensions will create good conditions for bacteria to multiply and thrive. Since then, the process of daily cleaning and care of eyelashes will be difficult, leading to infection of the eyes and surrounding skin.

Eyelash extensions affect the eyes?

It is not simply that many people ask if eyelash extensions are harmful, in fact there have been many cases of mild to serious consequences after using the method of eyelash extensions. There are many causes for this problem, which may stem from poor quality beauty addresses or errors in the care of eyelashes after joining.

Should I use eyelash extensions or not?

If your eyelashes are too short, not prominent, do not guarantee the natural curl, you should choose the method of eyelash extensions. However, before choosing a facility and implementing it, you should pay attention to factors such as:

 -Reputation of the beauty establishment;

-Professional qualifications and skills of technicians;

-Actual success rate of the implementing establishment;

-Learn about eyelid glue (especially avoid those containing formaldehyde) and your skin type;

-Prepare in advance knowledge on how to care, clean and overcome the risks caused by eyelash extensions.


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