Lash Mapping Is Important For Eyelash Extensions

July 22, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to creating an eyelash extension kit, in addition to a lot of experience and effort, eyelash mapping plays a leading role in ensuring you create the perfect shape that suits your client. In this post, we will discuss the importance of lash mapping for eyelash extensions.



1.What is Lash Mapping and its benefits?

In order to produce a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions with the type and amount of drama that your client likes and that is also suitable for their eye shape and natural eyelashes, you may utilize a process called "Lash Mapping" to arrange which lengths, curls, and thicknesses you will use where.

Benefits of Lash mapping:

- To Prevent Mistakes: Once you understand lash mapping, you'll never do the incorrect style or use the same one twice.

- To Look Right: Using lash mapping, you may design a style that blends in with the client's appearance. You must consider the client's eye shape as well as the various characteristics of the eyelashes in order to achieve that.

- For Customization: The goal of an experienced lash technician is customizing a look for the client’s eyes. Since every eye is different from the other, you need to customize the characteristics of lash extensions for each eye. 


2. What You'll Need For Lash Mapping?

- Gel pads: While you work, you lay them over the bottom lashes.

- A coloured pen: This is for marking on the gel pad, you should choose a color that contrasts with the eyelashes for the gel pads. 

3. What to check before you begin lash mapping?

You need to evaluate several different aspects of your client's face and eyes to determine if what they are asking for is right for them.

  • Eye shape. The main eye shapes are round, almond, monolid, upturned,…
  • Natural lash strength: Check the length and health of the client's lashes to make sure the delicate lashes can withstand the weight of the extensions.
  • Natural lash curl: Everybody's natural eyelashes develop in a different direction. Choosing the right lash curls for their lashes will make her eyes sparkle

After doing your customer review as noted above, be sure to consult with them. 

4. How to Create a Lash Map

- Purchase some gel pads designed especially for eyelash mapping. Have your client lay down and close their eyes, put the pad directly beneath their eyes, at the lower lash line.

- Create angled lines extending from the eye's inner and outer corners. Try to match these lines to the angles of the client's eyelashes.- Draw a vertical line in the middle.

- Divide the map up further into smaller segments.- Number the segments in millimeters based on the length of the client's eyelashes.

- Repeat on the other eye and your lash map is complete! 


5. Final Thoughts

The key to successful lash mapping is careful observation on your part. To determine what would improve your client's appearance, you must pay close attention to their eyes and eyelashes. Although it may appear difficult and complicated at first, trust me, you'll soon get the hang of it.

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