Must – Have Items for Beginners Lash Artist

August 31, 2022 4 min read

The amount of tools you'll need when you initially start out as a lash technician might easily overwhelm you. These days, there are a ton of professional eyelash extension products available, making it difficult to know where to start. By giving a list of the necessary items you'll need at this early stage of your lashing career, we want to make your selection simpler.



Some of the essentials to purchase are a lash bed and stool to use for your eyelash extensions. Massage beds are popular for carrying out eyelash extensions on as your clients can lie face up and flat. Remember to buy a massage bed that can be folded so that it can be easily moved quickly. These beds may be purchased online from stores like Amazon and eBay for a fair price.

To choose the finest stool, we advise going to a store and attempting a few different seats to see which one is most comfortable for you. Popular options include saddle stools because of their mobility and ergonomic shape, which position the spine in a more natural curvature. When applying lashes for long periods of time, many lash technicians have back pain, which is why choosing the correct stool is crucial. A saddle stool with changeable height would be a good addition, allowing you to modify the seat's angle to suit the needs of each customer.



When performing eyelash extensions, lighting is crucial. This will guarantee that you can appropriately separate and view your clients' natural lashes. Extensions performed in inadequate illumination might also strain the eyes. Although natural light is usually preferable, it cannot always be relied upon, for instance if you work far from a window, in poor or overcast weather, at night, etc.

LED lighting has many benefits including energy efficiency and durability. Ring lights are another another preferred option for lash professionals. These lights are fantastic for shooting images of your final work to post on social media since they can be tilted throughout treatments and provide a lot of light over the entire face.



Some eyelash extensions can take several hours, so making sure your client is comfortable. Pillows help clients coming to their extensions feel more relaxed, and some can even take a nap while they're applying their lashes. Clients may sag into the pillow thanks to the memory foam substance, and the dipped curve support allows the pillow to conform to the size and shape of their neck.



This is possibly the most important thing on this list, and sometimes the most challenging to overcome. It's not necessary to purchase lashes that range in length from 9-18mm. Start with 3-4 trays of single lengths and work your way up to mixed boxs. Mixed boxes contain several different lengths of lashes in one box. Avoid buying too many at first because you probably won't use them.

Also you should learn about the different thicknesses used to create different eyelash extensions. Since C or D curls are the most popular choices, we advise beginners to use them when choosing a curl.

Many various types of lashes might be found, the most common type is the standard lash tray. In addition, to save time you can choose pro-made and pre-made lashes.

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5. Adhesives

The adhesive, often known as "lash glue," is a must-have in the lash extension supplies kit since it holds false eyelashes on natural lashes. Since adhesives are made up of chemical substances, you should carefully examine the contents before selecting one. But even with this in mind, there will still be some of your clients who experience eye irritation, sensitivity and, more seriously, allergies. So choose sensitive glue to reduce the risk of allergies. So, just to be sure, mention these attentions when using adhesives with your clients.



If you apply lashes, you must also be able to remove them too, gel and cream-based adhesive removers are the most often used varieties. The gel remover works faster but contains relatively strong chemicals, while another has a slower effect but is safer for sensitive eyes.



Two sets of tweezers are required for a quality lash extension: one for separating the lashes and the other for attaching them. If you still haven't found the ideal choice for you, curved tweezers are a better choice.


When lashing a client, mascara brushes are used to untangle and neaten out the lashes. Most technicians also give one to their clients for use during care after eyelash extensions. Customers should brush their lashes regularly to prevent bacteria buildup and to get rid of any makeup residue, dust, oils, or other foreign materials that can cause the extensions to fall out too soon.



Tape and Eye Pads are a necessity used to separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes to ensure they do not get stuck together during the eyelash extension process. Eye pads are often created with the same curve to fit the eyelid, clients may find eye pads to be quite pleasant and occasionally cooling. On the other hand, tape is more flexible since you can shape it to fit around each client's eyes and make sure every single lash is covered, but it can be more difficult to remove. We advise combining the two by first placing the eye pad to cover the majority of the lashes, followed by applying tape to cover any lashes that protrude or are left exposed.


Don't let the abundance of tools and products overwhelm you! If you make the right choice, with minimal costs, you will still purchase quality products.

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