Narrow Fans and Standard Wide Fans

August 12, 2022 2 min read

Both Narrow Fans and Standard Wide Fans serve distinct purposes, which means they are equally vital to have in any lash market but to create different aesthetics. 

1. What are Narrow fans?

Narrow fans often have lengthy stems that provide for a larger bonding surface to the natural lashes, resulting in excellent retention. They are the ideal lash to create a dramatic, voluminous and more uniformed lash look. However it is important to note that if a lash fan becomes too narrow, it may not provide as much volume. So find a quality supplier so you don't have to worry about this problem.

Narrow fans are also an excellent choice for individuals with a lot of natural lashes. They provide great density and darkness at the base and tip, allowing you to get the ideal strip lash effect and the perfect top line!


2. What are Standard Wide fans?

Standard fans have a shorter stem and are ideal for creating a natural lash look or achieving a light, fluffier, and delicate lash look; they may also make the length of the lashes appear shorter due to they are not so dense in appearance, so decreasing its adherence and retention.

3. The Comparison of Narrow Fans and Standard Wide Fans

Narrow fans

Standard Wide fans

Creates a neat top line and a more uniformed look

Great for fluffy sets

Can be used to provide a choppy appearance.

Ideal for individuals with sparse lashes who want to increase volume.

The longer the stem, the greater the surface area for bonding.

Provides a more textured overall appearance

Because of the denser fan, they look darker.

Less density will make the lashes look thinner.

Create a dramatic and dense lash look

Create a natural and light lash look


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