The future Mommies still stay safe when getting eyelash extensions?

December 22, 2021 2 min read

Have you been wondering and asking around to know if it's okay to get lash extensions during your pregnancy?

As you know there were no studies prove that having eyelash extensions affect negative during pregnancy. To be sure and caution what you should do before you booked eyelash extensions appointment is ask your salon do they have a prenancy friendly procedure, because we don't want to risk right ?

Sensitivitiesmake sure that you don't have any allergies reaction to the glash glue because during pregnacy everything will be more sensitive.

A deluxe lash table - thats can keep your torso on a 45 degree angle which can help you ease the pressure on your lower back and a pillow on the outer side of the cosmetic bed even better

Procedure time - Always plan more time with pregnant women (approximately 30m - 1 hour)

Sterilisation - Ensure your salon has a strict sterilisation practices because just as you can't take antihistamines medication

In additions,
📌 Menstruation is a change in a woman’s body as well . It is really not recommended to apply eyelash extensions on the first and second day of menstruation, because this is a special time of a very active change. Eyelash extensions can not only just crumble, they probably cannot stay safe on the natural eyelashes during the process. Despite the high-quality pre work of the eyelashes, which includes a primer, the eyelash extensions may not stick perfectly on the natural lashes! So make sure you're working well with a high-quality products!
📌 Those pregnancy hormones wreak havoc on the client's body. For her estrogen levels are about 5-6 times higher than before pregnancy. Prolactin is 10 times higher etc. So it's not such a low risk of lash retention problem and you need to notice that they maybe have to come lash salon in every 1.5 weeks for refills instead of every 3 weeks due to premature shedding. Therefore, Let require more maintenance than usual
📌But after the baby is born and those mommies's hormones go back to normal levels, that’s when the retention is most horrible, maybe. Please, pay attention to that cases✨

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