The Pros and Cons of Getting Eyelash Extensions

August 25, 2022 4 min read

An eyelash extensions pros and cons list might be helpful if this is your first time trying out eyelash extensions, in order to determine if this is the perfect service for you. Although most eyelash extensions clients believe the pros outweigh the cons, but knowing the pros and cons of eyelash extensions will help you make an informed choice. 



Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are glued to your natural eyelashes to enhance its length, fullness, and color.

Lashes extensions can be created from silk, synthetic, mink, or faux-mink fibers, however the specific material utilized varies from studio to studio. To allow customers to create a unique appearance, the majority of studios provide a variety of extension lengths, curl patterns, and colours.



A consultation is the first step in determining which type of eyelash extension will best meet the client's needs. This includes choosing the material, style, length and curl type. The final decision will be based on the type of eyelashes that best suits the eye shape and wishes of the client.

Lash extensions are applied with a tiny, tweezer-like tool to stick individual lashes precisely. Be prepared as it will take quite a bit of time to carefully adhere false lashes to each of client natural lashes. Pick up a lash, dip it in glue, and apply it to the natural lash. Throughout the application, use a mascara wand to brush the extensions.

A full set of eyelash extensions per eye is an average of 60-125 lashes, or 95-99% of the natural lashes covered. Alternate until the set is complete on each eye.


  • Look Gorgeous All The Time:

As opposed to strip lashes that must be removed after a few hours, eyelash extensions are shed with your natural lashes, simply said, you can go to bed with them and having flawless lashes in the morning.

  • Speed up your makeup routine:

If you have eyelash extensions, you don't even need to use eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara. Thus, it will save you daily time and significantly speed up your makeup process.

  • Forget Eye Makeup Accidents:

Perhaps you had to apply makeup while driving and accidentally pricked your eye with the mascara. This issue is completely avoided by getting eyelash extensions! You won't even have to worry about smudged mascara that can 'dirty' the makeup around your eye area.

  • Made Specifically for Your Face:

Being customized for each person, false eyelash extensions may quickly transform short, thin lashes into long, attractive ones and thick, sparse ones. Actually, the perfect pair of eyelash extensions may change even the look of your face and eyes!

  • Long Lasting:

When you compare lash extensions with strip lashes, lash extensions always last longer than strip lashes. Lash extensions stay in place for three to four weeks, and strip lashes don't last more than 24 hours. Most of it based on the natural lashes cycles of your shedding, and lash extensions often come off together with your natural lashes.



  • They are pricey:

The price of an eyelash extension set can range from $80-400, depending on the type of extensions you select and the technician's level of expertise.

  • Affect your natural lashes:

Even though the technique is generally secure on its own, a few mistakes might harm your natural lashes. For example, the eyelash material is not good enough or the eyelash extensions aftercare process is not guaranteed will also affect the customer's natural eyelashes.

  • May cause allergies:

Although extremely rare, an allergic reaction to the eyelash glue used to attach the extensions is conceivable. Within a few hours or days of getting your new lashes, you run the risk of getting eye infections or discomforts including swelling, redness, styes, or itchy feelings. You should request that your lash technician run an allergy test before placing the extensions to prevent needless issues. However, contact your eyelash extension technician immediately to remove your lashes and get professional assistance if you develop an allergic reaction.

  • Requires Maintenance:

To maintain the style and good retention of lash extensions, they need to be cleaned and brushed frequently.



Although lash extensions might look gorgeous, not everyone should use them. It all depends on your own budget, time, and willingness to comply with the after-care guidelines. So think carefully before deciding to have eyelash extensions or not.


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