Things You Need to Know About Russian Volume Lash Extensions

July 25, 2022 3 min read

1. First, What Is Russian Volume Lash Extension?

As the name suggests, this eyelash extension technique originates from Russia. Russian Volume lash extensions (also known as 3D - 6D lashes) are made up of three to six ultrafine extensions that are attached to one natural lash. Russian Lashes are typically applied in a fan-like shape, which contributes to the 'Volume' effect.
Russian Volume lashes are created using synthetic strands (PBT), but Synthetic Mink is the most frequent and popular variety used by experts. This lash extension procedure requires significantly thinner extensions, such as 0.03-0.07mm, to attach multiple lashes to each natural lash.
Russian Volume Lashes, like any Lash Extensions, should last as long as your natural lash cycle if properly cared for. This period is usually 4-6 weeks. But to prevent your lashes from looking bad as they grow, we recommend re-applying your lashes every 2-3 weeks.


2. Who Are Most Suitable for Russian Volume Lashes? 

Russian Volume lashes are light and beautiful, making them ideal for regular wear or special events so anyone can enjoy the results of this technique, even those with the most natural curls. Or those with extremely brittle lashes who want more lashes will benefit the most from the Russian Volume look.


3. Benefits of Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian volume eyelash extensions fill in the spaces between sparse natural lashes that traditional extensions cannot. The Russian Volume Lash Extensions give the lashes a fluffy, softer appearance. Because of their lightweight, they have been claimed to inflict less harm to natural eyelashes.

Another benefit is that The Russian Volume Lash Extensions make you look great even without makeup. Having beautiful lashes will make you never have to use mascara again. And this saves a lot of time for you to use for other jobs.


4. What to Prepare Before Applying Russian Volume Lash Extensions 

4.1) Synthetic mink lashes

Synthetic mink lashes are extremely fine and lightweight. That is why applying several synthetic mink lashes to one natural lash is possible, without making it too heavy.  

4.2) Thickness

For the 2D-6D Russian Volume, you need to use a thickness between 0.05 and 0.10 depending on how many lashes will be attached to the fan for the set of lashes you are working on.

4.3) Tweezers for Volume lashes

For Russian volume technique, we propose L tweezers, which taper to a 120-90-degree angle at the tip and resemble the letter "L."

4.4) Glue

Because you need to retain the shape of the fan, it is best to use a fast-drying glue OR one with a high viscosity.


5. How to Apply Russian Volume Lashes

  • Consulting for customers before eyelash extensions
  • Prepare the client with eye pads
  • Pinch the required amount of lashes together using tweezers to form a fan
  • Dip the pinched end of the fan into adhesive and remove excess product
  • Shape lashes as desired
  • Repeat process until full set is complete

Suggestions: You can use a pro-made fan so you don't have to do many steps to save time.


6. Final Thoughts

If you want to add volume and fill in any gaps between your natural lashes, Russian volume lashes are the way to go. Russian volume lash extensions provide volume, length, and curl all at once.

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