Tips For Lash Shedding

September 28, 2022 2 min read

You may be surprised to learn that there are sometimes when you may literally say goodbye to even more lashes. The loss of eyelashes might also be related to external factors. One thing that can lead to the loss of eyelashes is low-quality false eyelashes. They can easily damage natural eyelashes because these low-quality eyelashes are usually too heavy for the natural lashes to carry them, making the natural one prone to inward or shedding. Another reason is that the eyelash extensions technique is not good. If you are applying eyelash extensions during the wrong period of the lash circle, such as when the lashes are growing, your lashes will be pulled out easily. Therefore, we offer you some “top tips” for lash shedding.

1. Keep your lashes clean

One thing you need to know when you notice your lashes are shedding is that you have to clean your lashes frequently. Don’t stray from regular cleansing either, because the excess oil production can add even more stress to your lashes. Many people fear cleansing will cause their lashes or extensions to fall out; however, gentle regular cleansing will help to maintain lashes and keep them healthy. Therefore, expressing the importance of cleansing the lashes during this shedding season is essential.

2. Provide moisture

Now you know that eyelash shedding is a common and normal function of your body, so it isn’t something you can prevent. During the colder months, regular use of a nourishing serum will maintain healthy lashes. For the best care and love for your lashes, we advise using the serum twice a day to keep them nourished and growing. With lashes from Kami Lashy, you can give your customer a perfect lash look without damaging their natural lashes as our lashes are super lightweight and soft.

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