Tips To Attract More Customers On Social Media For Lash Artists

August 10, 2022 2 min read

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that lash artists can use to connect with customers. Attracting potential customers on social media not only brings high efficiency to marketing but also helps lash artists save a lot of costs. However, approaching customers among many competitors is really challenging because this requires a lot of time, effort, solid experience, and a meticulously detailed plan. For that reason, you should know "secret" tips to stand out from the crowd in this "battleground"!

✅ Post regularly to grow your followers

Today, there are lots of hot social networking sites that you can not ignore such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube,...Particularly, posting frequently on Facebook is a useful way to grow your followers because it can increase impressions of your posts to potential customers. Therefore, to attract more customers, you have to schedule regular Facebook posts on certain days of the week. This helps your brand stay top-of-mind to customers, making them unconsciously choose you when they have the demand.

✅ Connect with other lash artists

The best way to attract and reach potential customers through social media is to build relationships with other lash artists. In particular, connecting with other lash artists can help you gain knowledge about how other businesses reach their potential customers. By developing a relationship with them, you can come up with effective and appropriate marketing strategies for your target customers. This network will be really supportive, especially for businesses starting from zero followers. You can comment or like their posts, so they will also engage with your content in exchange!

✅ Use hashtags

People opt for Instagram and other social media because they want to discover what they like through hashtags. Therefore, using hashtags on Instagram and other social media can help your business reach more people without any cost. Remember to use the hashtags relevant to eyelash and your work to reach the right type of customer. Moreover, you can also create hashtags for your business so that customers can recognize your business more easily.
However, if you are too busy to maintain daily posts or don't have enough time to monitor and optimize your social media channels, Kami Lashy is here to help you! We provide you with free marketing services depending on the value of your order. Those services include: managing fanpage, designing images for your website,...Let's check out our free marketing support for existing customers now!

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