What's The Difference Between Acrylic And PBT Lashes?

July 26, 2022 2 min read

We are often asked about the difference between different types of eyelash extensions and their quality. Here let's compare the two types: ACRYLIC AND PBT LASHES


1. What is Acrylic Lashes?

Acrylic lashes, also known as Synthetic lashes, are made from polished, an artificial synthetic material, which is a type of plastic. This type of lash is normally shinier, heavier and coarser compared to other varieties. Acrylic lashes are typically the least expensive option for eyelash extensions. 


2. What is PBT Lashes?

PBT lashes are a semi-crystalline manufactured synthetic thermoplastic. A high-performance material, it has a high molecular weight and a reputation for being a strong, flexible and resistant plastic.

3. The Difference Between Two Types of Eyelashes

Previously, all lashes were manufactured of acrylic resin. It is cheap, simple to create, and readily accepts color dyes. The vast majority of lashes on the market are still manufactured of this material. Acrylic lashes become dull, chalky, stiffer, and a little springy after being exposed to moisture. They can't keep the curl if they're pressed on. Acrylic lashes are rougher and heavier than PBT lashes.

But since PBT came onto the scene, the traditional acrylics can no longer compete with the quality that PBT lashes bring.

PBT is an engineering polymer with outstanding performance. It's more expensive, more difficult to color, and more difficult to make, yet the lashes manufactured from this material are soft, robust, and have a stunning, natural glossy shine. They also hold their curl and beauty better and do not bend out of shape as rapidly as acrylic ones do when asleep. Furthermore, PBT is an excellent choice as it is least likely to cause allergic reactions to human skin.

So this distinction makes it easy to distinguish between ordinary Acrylic lashes and PBT lashes. As a result, few lash establishments now provide this outmoded selection, as the goal is to achieve a natural fluffy finish rather than a complex stiff-looking fake finish.

About their lifespan, PBT is used as an insulator in the electrical and electronic industries. As a result, it's solvent and shrinkage resistant, as well as tough and heat resistant. Because of the above, it can maintain the durability of the eyelash extensions longer. However, because acrylic lashes are coarser and heavier than PBT, the lifespan of lashes will vary depending on product quality between suppliers/manufacturers. 


4. Final Thoughts

If you are confused between Acrylic and PBT lashes, here are some differences to help you choose the softest, most comfortable and most natural looking lashes on the market, giving you a pair captivating eyes.

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