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We understand the challenges and setbacks that come with running a successful Lash Business and being an independent Lash Artist. It's always about striking a balance between lash extension price and quality. KAMI LASHY will not let you down. We offer a slew of high-quality lash extensions at the best price you've ever seen; come choose the LASH EXTENSIONS at your leisure.

Join us. KAMI LASHY will help you boost customer satisfaction and grow your organization. Lash artists are not considered clients by us. We would instead make friends with them and help make the most of their time and money by creating many lash masterpieces.

We've been offering top lash and liquid manufacturing firms, global distributors, and industry specialists a comprehensive range of high-quality goods for a long time. KAMI LASHY is on the journey to become the Top hand-picked eyelash extensions supplier in the US and worldwide.


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At Kami Lashy - We provide you the premium hand-crafted eyelash from Viet Nam. Every single fan is made carefully by our professionals. You can create your own works of art with customized lengths, sizes, curves, and colors. Our priority is always bringing you the highest quality of eyelashes, from the package of the lash box to the quality of synthetic mink lash inside. We zoom into super details before delivering to you.

From now, we are a self-manufacturing factory from Vietnam, currently only manufacturing and selling through the official website at kamilashy.com.

You can all refer to Kami Lashy's catalog to see the variety of quality lashes that Kami Lashy team puts efforts into.

The reason why we choose synthetic mink

🥇KAMI's Lashes is recognized as having the best attributes of SYNTHETIC MINK lashes, blending the fluffy, lightweight nature of mink lashes with a natural and thick look of synthetic lashes compared to other readymade fans. These Promades will assist you in creating a hybrid, light volume, dramatic volume, and mega-volume styles with fluffy and dense lashes in the shortest amount of time.

We're still improving every day!

Kami Lashy's philosophy has always been rooted in a people-first approach - One that's all creating meaningful connections- and that starts with our team. Even though Kami Lashy is currently working on online platforms, we've been spending every creating a customer experience rooted in authenticity, equity, and inclusion. We are open to all feedback from you and looking forward to improving and helping us to fully understand the essential work we need to build a supportive and inclusive product and feature for all. We've been hard at work designing for our future vision and much more :)

Together, and with our Lash artist community, we're building the future beauty lash company from the ground up. We make physical products, of course, but we also build trust from your experiences, manage a global supply chain, and much more. And we'd like for you to get to know us a little better - what we do, where we come from, and what we're excited about.


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