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Are you a high-level Lash Technician?

Advanced lash artists who have mastered isolating, mapping, layering, and applying lash sets will benefit from these WISPY PROMADES. They are born for those who want to boost your lash speed while generating eye-catching, awe-inspiring looks.


So what are they?

Our WISPY LOOSE LASHES are perfect for individuals who wish to give their creations a more creative flair. For a lash map, you'll typically create a variety of lash lengths, going up and down, creating high and low areas through the clients' eyes, and producing some distinctive and eye-catching spikes with closed fans.

Why KAMI's wispy fans in the revolution?

Our wispy fans are crafted by hand. It comes with a FAN up to 9D D 0.05 and a 3 length longer spike (closed fan). You will double your lashing speed by using our PROMADE WISPY because not only will you save time constructing the high volume lash, but you will also save time creating closed fans! You can use them all together to make a complete set, but it's preferable to mix them up wherever you need a spike on your map.


  • Each box contains 1 type of Parameter, Thickness, Length, Curl
  • In each box, there are 200-1000+ wispy volume fans.
  • Curls: Available in C, CC, D. For customized curls like L, M, U, you need to pre-order
  • Length: 9mm-15mm in length (spike is 3 sizes longer)
  • Material: Synthetic mink from Supreme Korean PBT fiber in a rich black
  • The bases have light glue bonding and are lightweight
  • Provide a matte black finish that is fluffy and featherlight
  • Latex-Free
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free

We are completely enamored with our lashes. Take a look for yourself.

We can provide all kinds of lashes. Feel free to contact us for customization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the base is so small, use more adhesive than you would with a larger base fan. Please watch the video to learn how to apply our LASHES.