Promade Loose Lashes 9D | 0.05Mm | Natural Volume Eyelash Extensions


What makes KAMI Lashy's Promades ONE-OF-A-KIND?

Promade loose lashes are lighter than handmade lashes not only in weight but also in the price because the box size is small and there is no need to paste on the lines. And promade base is smaller than handmade lashes.

Promade loose lashes are one of the trendiest styles because they look fluffy and feathery, so very natural. They are perfect for people who prefer to create hybrid, light volume, dramatic volume, and mega-volume styles that require fluffy and dense lashes in the least amount of time possible.

Each box of promade loose lashes has:

- Curl: C/CC/D and L/M/U/O curl (pre-order only)

- Diameter: 0.03/ 0.05/ 0.07/ 0.10 mm

- Length: from 8-20mm ( upto 25mm depend on customer’s request) (from 3D to 20D).

- Quantity: from 500 to 1500 fans.

Material: Synthetic mink from Supreme Korean PBT fiber in a rich black shade.

- Color: Available in Dark Matte Black.

  • Featherlightwith a bit of foundation and a light adhesive bonding at the bases.
  • Latex-Free
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free

We can provide all kinds of lashes, feel free to contact us for customization