Best Lash Styles for Client’s Eye Shape

June 28, 2023 3 min read

Knowing your eye shape is very important to choose the right eyelash extension for your eyes, which will make your eyes more attractive. With this blog, you will be able to choose the best eyelash extensions styles for different eye shapes.

1.   4 Most Popular Lash Extension Styles

The Most Popular Lash Extension Styles

Depending on the customer's preferences and the characteristics of their natural lashes, you should choose the most suitable eyelash extension style to advise them.

  • Natural Style: Aims to make your lashes look as realistic as possible. Following your natural lash length and adding length and thickness.
  • Natural Sweep Style: This styling will help open and elongate the eye. It’s created by adding short lashes in the inner corner of the eye followed by long lashes and finally short lashes towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • Cat-Eye Style: Adding longer lashes to the outer corners and short ones to the inner corners, creates a shapely cat-eye look.
  • Doll Eye: Opens up the eye with a well-defined outline. The lash stylist does that by adding the longest lash extensions around the middle of the eye and shorter fibers around the outer and inner corners.


2.  6 Most Popular Eye Shapes

The Most Popular Eye Shapes


Figuring out the right eyelash extensions for your client’s eye shape is no easy task. Here are some eye shapes you can refer to.

2.1. Almond Eyes: Almond eyes are the most alluring and attractive in conventional beauty. The best way to identify almond eyes is how it tapers around the inner and outer corners of the eye. If your eyes are almond-shaped, the outer edge of your cornea may be hidden beneath the eyelids.

Almond eyes with eyelashes extensions

  • Recommended styles:

- Natural Style: accent the almond shape of the eyes

- Natural Sweep Style: open up your eyes

- Cat-Eye Style: make your eyes more proportional

- Doll Eye: prevent eyes from being hidden because of the almond shape

2.2. Round Eyes: Moreover, this eye shape is easy to identify with the white of the cornea surrounding it from all sides. Typically protruding with larger-than-average sizes, round eyes don’t taper at the outer or inner corners.

Round eyes with eyelashes extensions

  • Recommended styles:
- Natural Style: defines the shape without making the eyes of your client from looking surprised.
- Natural Sweep Style: add a soft taper to round-shaped eyes
- Cat-Eye Style: sharpens the outer corners and elongates the round shape.

    2.3. Upturned Eyes: Upturned eyes are incredibly versatile, people with this eye shape can carry most lash styles gorgeously! It is a type of almond eye wherein the outer corners of the eye lift higher than the inner corner.

    Upturned eyes with eyelashes extensions


    • Recommended styles:
    - Natural Style: define your natural cat-eye shape without drama
    - Natural Sweep Style: softly accenting the shape of your eye with a bit of drama
    - Cat-Eye Style: want to look super-gorgeous

    - Doll Eye: want to open up their eyes and make them more rounded instead of tapered

    2.4. Downturned Eyes: With downturned eyes, the outer corners sit lower than the inner corners. If people with downturned eyes are styled incorrectly with lash extensions, they might look tired or sleepy.

    Downturned eyes with eyelashes extensions

    • Recommended styles:
    - Natural Style: Accenting the original shape and natural lashes will define the shape better
    - Doll Eye: open up the downturned eyes and make them look brighter and shapely

      2.5. Small Eyes: Small eyes are typically tinier than the rest of the features on your face.

      Small eyes with eyelashes extensions

      • Recommended styles:
      - Doll Eye: want to open up and enlarge your eyes besides making them more rounded.

        2.6  Hooded Eyes or Monolid Eyes: When the fold of your eyes doesn’t create a crease but occurs precisely at the lash line, it’s a monolid type of eye. Likewise, hooded eyes are where the eyelid is completely hidden under the brow bone.

        Hooded eyes with eyelashes extensions

        • Recommended styles:
        - Natural Style: the best way to define and outline your lash line that doesn’t taper any corners.
        - Doll Eye: want to open up the monolids/hooded eyes and shape them up


          3.  Final Thoughts

          Although everyone's eyes are shaped differently and everyone has different preferences, the result of designing a set of eyelashes for a specific eye shape will highlight the eye's strengths whilesimultaneously hiding its shortcomings. Hope this blog post will help you to have a better idea of ​​Eye shapes and Lash styles!

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