Cat Eye Hybrid Lashes

June 28, 2023 3 min read

1. What Are Cat-Eye Hybrid Eyelash Extensions? 


Cat-eye is a basic type of lash extension sets that adds longer lashes to the outer corners and short ones to the inner corners, creates a shapely cat-eye look. Perfect for people with round eyes, it balances out the eye shape and produces a seductive effect. If you wish to feel confident and gorgeous, they are ideal for special events or regular wear.

Hybrid lashes is a style that combination of two techniques Volume and Classic, the great thing about these combination lashes is that you can customize the appearance to precisely what your customer wants. If your customer requests a natural lash set, you should use a higher percentage of classic lash extensions, however if your client requests a dense or dramatic lash set, you should use Volume Lashes more frequently.

Through the above two definitions, it can be said that the cat-eye hybrid eyelash extensions are one of the most popular eyelash extensions because it enhances the beauty of both natural and seductive.



Lash map : cat-eye


2. The Best Eye Shapes for Cat-eye Hybrid Lash Extensions

However, not all eye shapes are ideal for this style. Before eyelash extensions, lash artists need to give detailed advice to clients to see if they are suitable for Cat-eyes Hybrid lash extensions or not. The best eye shapes for cat-eye hybrid lash extensions are almond-shaped and hooded eyes. Almond-shaped eyes enhance the cat-eye effect, while hooded eyes benefit from the lift and definition provided by the lash extensions. Beautiful hybrid cat eyelashes are a mix of diverse curls that become longer towards the ends of the eyes. Embrace your unique eye shape and enhance it with the perfect cat-eye hybrid lash extensions for a mesmerizing and dramatic look.

Lash map : cat-eye

3. Basic Steps to Perform Cat-eye Hybrid Eyelash Extensions 

- Clean the lashes: Cleanse and prime the natural lashes to ensure a clean and adhesive-ready surface to ensure that the client's eyelashes are cleansed. This is a very important preparatory step.

- Choose the right length: The best length for this style is from 8 to 13 mm but also depends on client's eye shape, face and goal. When creating a lash map, you must split the length appropriately. It will be better if the eyelashes are only 1-3 mm longer.

- Isolate and apply the base lashes: Separate one natural lash at a time and carefully attach a lash extension using a safe and secure adhesive.

- Create aslight inclination for the eye shape: When starting to do eyelashes extension, apply Classic lashes first, followed by Volume lashes.

In terms of thickness, depending on the client's needs, thicknesses of 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, and 0.07 mm for Volume are recommended. Thicknesses of 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm can be used for Classic in this style.

- Material:  Use Pro-made fans! Because Pro-made fans is designed to help lash artists save a lot of time in eyelash extensions. It will be even better if you pick artificial mink lashes or synthetic eyelashes, as many clients report feeling light and comfortable when wearing a set of eyelashes composed of the aforementioned materials.

- Finish and style: Once all lashes are applied, gently brush and fan out the lashes for a seamless and dramatic cat-eye effect.


Remember, mastering cat-eye hybrid eyelash extensions takes practice and attention to detail. With time and experience, you can create flawless and stunning cat-eye looks for your clients.


Cat-eye eyelash extension


4. Final Thoughts

Above are the outstanding features as well as the basic steps to help you do Cat-eye Hybrid eyelashes extensions more easily!

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