Different styles of cat eyes and how to create them

October 13, 2021 2 min read

Have you heard of the well-known winged eyeliner? What is the most popular makeup style for elongating the eye? When it comes to eyelash extensions, it's also a fad!

The cat eye set is one of the most popular types of lash sets. It's a highly adaptable and tried-and-true lash arrangement that works for the vast majority of people.

Why is the cat eye style so appealing?

The cat eye set is popular because it opens up the eye while the winged taper end creates a longer-looking eye with an intriguing, sexy, and enigmatic appearance. Longer lashes in the outer corners of the eyes also provide the illusion of bigger eyes in cat eyes.

How many different kinds of cat eyes are there?

The conventional cat eye set is well-known, but a new fad among fashionistas is to wear a "extreme" cat eye set. This extreme version of the cat eyes set features a more dramatic wing flare at the end, as well as shorter lengths closer to the inner eye, enhancing the flared wing look.

Typical curls, such as C or CC curls, can be used to create a cat eye look. This will provide a natural-looking eyelash appearance.The L curl, as well as the M curl towards the end, can be used for dramatic cat eyes.

Who should wear a cat eye that is extreme?

This combination is great for those with almond eyes, round eyes, deep set eyes, and droopy eyes since it elongates naturally round eyes and produces a seductive and alluring image.

Extreme cat eyes require lash mapping

The longest lashes are in the outer corner, however we normally insert a few shorter lashes in the corner's last lash because they are weaker. The suggested length from left to right would be 8-9-10-11-12-13-12-11-10(mm)

If you want to make an even more dramatic cat eye, apply the outer corner eyelash extensions at a 45-degree angle to the natural lashes. This will give you a lovely cat eye effect. 

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