Lash Mapping Styles

August 12, 2022 2 min read

Lash mapping is an excellent method for creating the perfect eyelash extension appearance for your clients!


1. Why is lash mapping important?

When working with layers, lash mapping enables an artist to keep everything clear. It informs the artist about the type of eyelash being used. When you use an eyelash map, you may achieve symmetry between a set of extensions.

With the variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls of lash extensions, it's easy to get confused with styling choices. Using lash mapping is an excellent approach to experiment with different styles and guarantee that you are producing the best lash extension style for each particular eye shape.

The expert lash mapping recommendations provided below are a terrific method to ensure you stay to the plan for a desired appearance - with lash mapping, every lash will be in the correct place.


2. Doll Eye Lash Mapping

Using longer lashes along the midsection of the lashes to create the appearance of larger, more open eyes. In the middle, you may also utilize a curlier lash.

Perfect for almond and wide-set eyes.

3. Cat Eye Lash Mapping

Use the longest length lashes on the outside edge of the lashes to create the appearance of bigger eyes.

Perfect for almond, close-set and round eyes.

4. Squirrel Lash Mapping

This appearance is achieved by starting with short lashes and progressively lengthening them, with the halfway point having the longest length and then gradually getting shorter again towards the outer eye.

Perfect for almond, close-set, downturned, hooded, protruding and round eyes.


5. Kim K Lash Mapping

To get the Kim K style, place 'spikes' (longer lengths) in different sections of the eye to create a wispy set.

Perfect for almond and round eyes.

6. Open Eye Lash Mapping

Establish the illusion of wide, open eyes by using longer lashes in the midsection of the lashes.

Perfect for almond and wide-set eyes.

7. Kitten Lash Mapping

To get the Kitten style, the outer corners are tapered, the shorter lengths give supports to the longest lengths.

Perfect for downturned and round eyes.

There are many various lash mapping designs that are wonderful recommendations for you to utilize on customers, but every eye is different - so adjust as needed, and don't allow the mapping guide limit your artistic creativity!


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