Why Should You Add Color Lashes To Your Business?

September 06, 2022 1 min read

In the beauty industry, customers always demand trendy eyelash extensions from lash businesses. Color lashes are a hot new beauty trend, which many celebrities prefer using instead of classical styles. Therefore, color lashes with a party vibe will attract your customers because they can create dramatic eyes. Here are 3 reasons why you should offer color eyelash extension:

💖 It's trendy!!!

Many celebrities wear colored lashes that make their eyes incredibly luscious. Moreover, colored eyelashes are the best choice to match an outfit and make you look more fashionable. Color lashes are very suitable for every special occasion or costume party, which can help you shine like a famous star. Many customers have looked for a spa providing this service; therefore, having this service in the first place can bring a lot of advantages to your business

💖 It can enhance the natural color of eyes

Bright and ombre hues mixed with individual lashes can help your natural eyes be more prominent and impressive. For instance, the purple color matches green eyes or brown eyes will make your eyes look bigger.

💖 Few spas are having this service

Having services other places do not have means that you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors. In particular, having this service at your spa can help you attract more clients and increase the value and quality of your spa's services.

At Kami Lashy, color lashes are from $32,99 to $40,69, 8mm-20mm in length. Visit https://kamilashy.com/collections/colour-lashes now to see our color lashes we have for you!

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