Getting Ready for Your Clients' First Lash Appointment

August 31, 2022 3 min read

Is this your first eyelash extension session? Don't know what to prepare before going to the salon? Don't worry because there will be many people with the same worries as you. This blog post will answer all your questions.



The eyelash extension process will take about 1.5-3 hours depending on the type you choose, so careful preparation before going to the salon will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

  • Research lash artists: Prior to making a first-time appointment to get your eyelash extensions. You can do your research to make sure the artist you pick is the most reputable in your area. Read online reviews, and if at all possible, ask a somebody you know and trust for a suggestion.
  • Research the lash looks you love: If you've seen feedback on some gorgeous lashes that inspired you to book an eyelash extension appointment somewhere, don't hesitate to save them as favorites so you're ready to chat with your eyelash artist.
  • Turn up to your session with a bare face: Your lash tech will need to work with your lashes in their completely natural state.
  • Avoid using heavy face creams and sunscreen: the oils may interfere with the bonding power of the lash adhesive.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: Since the time on your lash bed can be quite long, wear what is as comfortable as possible and avoid wearing cumbersome accessories that can interfere with the artist.
  • Come to the salon on time: By doing this, you may avoid coming flustered and avoid making the lash artist wait. If you're running late, you're giving them less time and interfering with their ability to provide the finest service possible.
  • Know your medical history: Artists may be more attentive if you have signs of an allergic reaction.




If you have done all the preparation steps correctly, your job when you to salon is being down the lash bed and let the artists do their job.

They will start by analyzing your face and eyes to determine which lash style would work best for you. After cleaning, drying, and brushing your lashes, your top eyelid and lower lashes will both be taped in place to prevent them from getting out of place. Your lash artist will map out the eyelash pattern before beginning to apply the extensions, then they will use one tweezers to separate your natural lashes, another to pick up and attach false lashes to the natural lashes.

While it may feel strange at first, it won't hurt and you'll soon get used to it. Once you're in the lash bed, turn off the volume of your phone to avoid distracting the artist. Then relax and maybe wear headphones if you like or take a short nap.



After completing the eyelash extension process, the artist will guide customers on how to take care of the eyelashes so that they can be kept for a long time and always beautiful.

  • Avoid pools, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, and tears during the first 48 hours
  • Avoid using skin care and cleansing products that contain oils
  • Avoid wearing too much makeup around the eye area
  • Do not use mascara and heat products on your eyelashes
  • Clean the eyelash extensions with specialized cleaners
  • Try and sleep on your back if you can
  • Don’t pick at your lashes
  • Book in for infills in 2-3 weeks

For more complete information, read our detailed blog on how to care for lashes after extensions:


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