Wispy & Camellia Line Lashes 11D | 0.05Mm | Natural Volume Eyelash Extensions

We're not just mechanics; we're a true definition of ARTISTS! We don't want to be average; we want to be OUTSIDE THE BOX. Our clients DESERVE a one-of-a-kind, personalized lash pattern that draws attention to their eyes!

This is why the CAMELLIA & WISPY Promade were designed. To express your artist spirit, mix the spikey, eye-catching WISPY fans with the natural multi-length volume CAMELLIA fans and our other Promade.

Also, the WISPY&CAMELLIA LINE LASHES is super fast since everything is under careful arrangement.

  • Material: Synthetic mink from Supreme Korean PBT fiber in a rich black
  • Color: Dark black with a hint of shine
  • Natural, fluffy lash look
  • Curls: C, CC, D (available) and L, M, U curve (pre-order only)
  • Length: 8-15mm The length on the website is the length of the shortest eyelash in a Wispy& Camellia fan.
  • Quantity: 200-1000+ fans per box
  • We can provide all kinds of lashes, feel free to contact us for customization