Premade Volume Lashes | Natural Looking Eyelashes 3D | C/CC/D | 0.07mm | 9-15mm


Our PREMADE VOLUME LASHES are the PERFECT match for anyone looking for a "drama queen" style without sacrificing time or health. Our lashes are constructed of Synthetic mink from premium Korean PBT fiber in the highest quality, with a light glue bonding at the base. This produces a fluffy, featherlight lash with a semi-glossed, matte black finish. "The PREMADE LASHES combine the soft, fluffy, lightweight nature of mink lashes with a natural and dense look of synthetic lashes," said our consumers.

Why should you go for Premade Volume Lashes ?

These lashes look super natural and will provide your customer with the desired volume. This makes it simple to construct lash fans while offering your customer a more natural, voluminous, and dimensional lash set.

Premade Volume Lashes come in a variety of lengths imitate the natural development cycle of eyelashes. Compared to single-length lashes, the different lengths of the lashes make it easier to create depth and texture in your lash set.

  • Material: Synthetic mink from Supreme Korean PBT fiber in a rich black
  • Color: Dark black with a hint of shine Natural, fluffy lash look
  • Curls: C, CC, D (available) and L, M, U curve (pre-order only)
  • Length: 9-15mm: The length on the website is the length of the shortest eyelash in a Camellia fan.
  • Quantity: 240 fans per box
  • Featherlightwith a bit of foundation and a light adhesive bonding at the bases.
  • Latex-Free
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free

We can provide all kinds of lashes, feel free to contact us for customization