How to Achieve Kim Eyelash Extensions

August 09, 2022 3 min read

Kim Kardashian has always been a popular person who has had a large influence on contemporary eyelash trends. So when she began to attend at events with the lash style that her name is so well known for, it became an instant fashion bomb in the lash business.  What woman wouldn't want to have Kim's lashes? Even though Kim's stylist used strip lashes to do her makeup, the lash industry can replicate this look with lash extensions.


1. What is Kim K style?

When it comes to the Kim K style, there are many names in the lash field; you may recognize it by the other names: wispy appearance/spiky look.

Kim Kardashian's eyelashes stand out due to her signature spaced-apart look. Those mile-long lashes have that beautiful wispy effect, carefully applied to create the perfect volume and spacing. Even with that much volume, it doen't look fake at all.

What makes this style special is that longer lashes are added through the main set. This style is intended to enlarge the natural eyes.


2. Who Will Benefit from Kim K Eyelashes?

This set would suit people with smaller eyes because it makes eyes look bigger, glamorous. It will also look great on ladies with high-set brows.

Asian eyes look fantastic with this style as well. This technique will also help to conceal creases on hooded eyelids.

It is not recommended to use this style on people who have big eyes, downturned, eyes bulbous eyes and very asymmetric eyes. In this case, it often makes the eye line appear heavy and overdramatic.

3. How to Get Kim K Style Eyelash Extensions?

Here are a few additional tips for getting Kim K signature lashes:

  • Prepare your tools: You will need your standard lash tools, including as eye pads and a lash mapping pen, as well as some tape for use during the procedure. And a versatile tweezer that can be used with both Classic and Volume extensions would be excellent.
  • Before beginning your Kim K Map: According your client's natural lashes lash line, equally mark the regions where you will apply your spikes, beginning at the peak points to create a frame for your map. When making your spikes, experiment with different lengths for a more natural/wispy look. Once you've determined where you want to place your spikes, we recommend doing so first before filling in the gaps with the next lashes.
  • Filling in the gaps: After you've applied your spikes, you may begin filling in the lashes. The highest point of your lash map should be the middle or outer corner of the lash line. You should be to use 2 to 3mm shorter volume lashes to attach between spikes. If you choose to use 11 and 12mm for spikes in inner corners, the filling lashes in this area should be 9 and 10mm.


4. Final Thoughts

Remember, practice makes perfect; the more you do, the more confident you will get!

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