Hybrid Lashes On Open Eyes

August 04, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to a modern but natural lash style for our clients who love the lightness, we are talking about open eyes. Combining it with a hybrid to produce a hybrid lashes open appearance, gives your clients a stunning, remarkable, and eye-catching lash style!


1. What Are Open-eyes Hybrid Lashes?

Open-eyes eyelash extension draws attention to the center of the eye by increasing volume and length in the middle of the eyelid and tapering down at each end to create a symmetrical graduation. This style would use lashes around 8mm for the corners, going up to between 12 and 14mm for the centre of the eyelid.

When combined with hybrid lashes to create open-eyes hybrid lashes, we must maintain the aforementioned parameters while increasing the proper thickness to create highlights for the lashes. The appropriate curl for this style is normally CC, D, DD, however you can utilize a more substantial curl in some circumstances.



2. Who Are Open-eyes Hybrid Lashes for?

Open-eyes hybrid lashes will make your eyes appear more dazzling, balanced, and rounder. We recommend using this type on tiny, long, and almond-shaped eyes. However, if your clients have large, round eyes, open-eye mapping will not work for them. Furthermore, individuals with overly thin and weak eyelashes are not candidates for this style of eyelash extension.


3. How to Apply Hybrid Lash Extensions on Open Eyes

A set of hybrid eyelashes with open eye is not a difficult method to master. You must master the two key eyelash styles, Classic and Volume, as well as the ability to mix them smoothly.

You will also need to precisely identify the client's eye shape, curl, and natural lash health to properly prepare the lashes.

You must use Classic lashes as the foundation of the set and Volume lashes to add thickness and sharpness to the lashes. The lashes' greatest length is 12 to 14 mm in the middle and progressively declines to 8 mm at the two corners. Recommend CC, D, and DD curls.

In terms of thickness, it depends on the client's needs, but keep in mind that too much thickness might be heavy on the eyes. Thicknesses of 0.10 mm, 0.12 mm, and 0.15 mm can be used for classic and for volume, select thicknesses of 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, and 0.07 mm.

About material, prioritize the ultra-light, smooth, matte black lashes similar to natural lashes. Silk or faux mink lashes are the ideal eyelash extension materials for this style.

Instruct clients to take care after eyelash extensions and schedule time to infill.


4. Final Thoughts

Choose a lash style that complements your own personality and style, and then choose a lash technician that listens and, most importantly, has the expertise to achieve a wonderful result!

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